List of Top Canadian Indica Strains

If you could tell a person’s character by the content of their joint, what would your flower choice say about you? You’re reading this, so let’s assume you’re an Indica person. That would mean you prefer enjoying your high someplace comfy over a good movie and with something to munch on.

Generalization or not, this is a great way to spend an evening.

Typically associated with Indica strains, this “couch-locked” sensation comes from a cannabis compound known as terpene. Indica-dominant strains have higher amounts of terpenes than Sativas, making them heavier and more potent when battling insomnia and physical pain.

Why Indica Instead of Sativa?

If Indica suits you better than Sativa, you relish a more sedating high.

This heavy-body sedation comes with a handful of health properties, the most beneficial of which are relaxation and pain management. Indica is also used for increasing appetite and reducing nausea. Unlike Sativa, which produces an uplifting and energizing high, Indica is usually considered a night-time drug.

Sounds like your cup of canna-tea? If so, keep reading.

Below, we’ve curated the best and most popular Indica strains in Canada, especially for you:

GMO Cookies

If you’re looking to get Indica weed in Canada, stop as soon as you find a strain called GMO cookies. This one is almost entirely an Indica, with a whopping 90:10 ratio. It also features 24% THC, keeping you full for a while. But what makes this cookie worthy of a grand finale slot on this list is its flavor.

Smell it, and you’ll start craving something spicy to go with its garlicky aroma.

But taste it, and you’ll feel coffee on your palette – intertwined with fresh garlic.

Pink Kush

Already a Canada staple, Pink Kush is loved for its intense body high.

Everyone’s favorite Indica-dominant strain is heavy on THC, typically between 18% and 22%. This contributes to its relaxing effect, but Pink Kush is also entertaining. Unlike most Indicas, this one is refreshingly euphoric and suitable for daytime use. It looks beautiful and tastes like sweet berries.

But best of all – Pink Kush somehow manages to be soothing and uplifting simultaneously.

Northern Lights

Like Pink Kush, in effect, Northern Lights brings a different aesthetic to smoking weed. It boasts a fair amount of THC (up to 22%) and virtually no CBD whatsoever (0.01% at most). This Indica offers the best of its dominant strain – relaxation and pain relief that fends depression and fatigue.

But there’s a different mood to Northern Lights, a mellow feeling and earthy flavor.

A word of warning, though. High doses of this Indica may increase anxiety.

Purple Punch

Purple Punch makes this list thanks to its delightful flavor profile.

This lovely Indica contains more THC (up to 25%) than Pink Kush and Northern Lights, including higher amounts of Sativa. The excellent 80:20 ratio of Indica to Sativa is very much in character for Purple Punch, adding to the overall complexity and uniqueness of the recognizable purple and green flower.

It does smell heavenly – like pineapple and candied berries, all sugary and sweet.

Blue Cookies

All Indicas go well with candy, but this one is special.

It’s called Blue Cookies, after all.

Everything you need to know about this cool strain is that it’s super-strong (THC is 23%), it reminds you of lazy summer days during the blueberry season, and it increases all kinds of appetites, including sexual. You can rely on it to relieve chronic pain and fend off depression. Overall, this is a sweet, friendly strain.

Pink Tuna

Pink Tuna is a lovechild of two legendary strains, Pink Hush and Tuna Hush.

Its glorified parentage puts this Indica under some pressure, but Pink Tuna delivers on the promise. This is a stern strain, with no particular aroma other than a skunk and a heavy-hitting high that heals both body and mind. There’s no kidding with Pink Tuna, with 25-31% anesthetizing THC.

If you’re looking for an authentic couchlock, this is it.


With its 60:40 ratio of Indica to Sativa, Headband is almost a full hybrid.

The reason it’s on our list despite its high amount of Sativa is precisely that – the added cerebral effect makes it a unique crossover between the two families, but the higher percentage of Indica still manages to achieve its signature relaxation. The experience hovers somewhere between peace and ambition.

Headband won’t knock you down, but it will make you feel like everything’s possible.


Shishkaberry has been around for a long, long time, and for a good reason.

Since it came second at the High Times Cannabis Cup back in 2001, Shishkaberry has been hailed as a good-natured Indica-leaning strain with an enticing aroma. There’s just enough THC (22%) to make you happy, focused, and euphoric before it gently lulls you into a pain-free, dreamless slumber.

And if you do dream, Shishkaberry will make you dream of blueberries.


When Indica strains are as potent and flavorsome as the ones mentioned above, who cares what it says about your personality? Luckily for us Canadians, there are more than enough combinations of THC and CBD and flavor profiles to pick from. So, even if you are an Indica person, you can still treat yourself to something new and exciting.

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