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what are the specifications of a good laptop

So you want to buy a laptop but don’t know where to start. You are not alone. Buying a new laptop can present many challenges, especially if you are not accustomed to a laptop or a notebook computer. For the last few moments of new laptop technology has reached the market … Intel, SLI, Dual Duo Processor Graphs … everything can be completely fragile consumer. For the first time understanding of laptop buyers all techno jargons can be very scary.

Especially because of the new generation of new notebook technology come every two years or less; maybe far less when you consider all the new progress that is made new. It can even be excessive even for someone like me who runs an online laptop guide and who has Interest in all things laptops.

Apart from all this new luxurious improvement, the device and notebook technology, you must remember you buy new laptop for you and yourself. You must first decide whether all these new things are important to you? Do you really need all this new notebook technology?

But the most important thing before you can consider that question must first find out why you want a laptop? What’s the matter Buy a laptop? Work or task what you want Laptop to appear?

If you only want a laptop for simple web search and sending emails, laptops made five years ago will do Work well and spend a lot of fewer costs. You are very No need for the top laptop except of course, of course, you follow Jones and want the latest top Model of everything. But it moved to Dr. Phil’s Area … don’t go there!

So why do you need a laptop for?

Do you need a light portable laptop for business Travel or Meeting? Do you need a student notebook for class? Or just want a desktop replacement computer that you can easily move to your home?

Your answer will really determine which type of laptop you have to buy.

In my case, I need a desktop replacement that I can easily move around my house because I rarely travel or go on vacation. Long battery life is not a major consideration because I will mainly use it plugged to an electrical outlet. Besides that, the laptop I want will be 7 or 8 pounds and I have no intention of dragging the baby is around long distances.

I work full time at home and do many web designs I need a solid machine with lots of RAM. I also enjoy download and enjoy the film Occasionally Become a DVD Multi Drive and Empire Widescreen Display. High quality graphics and sounds are also important what I need.

* Price

The price of the laptop continues to fall, now maybe to get Quality laptops with wells under $ 1000. Many sell at Range $ 500 – $ 600. High quality laptops offered by such Special laptop makers as alienware, rock; will still arrange you Back 3 to 4 thousand. Ouch!

* Guarantee

Don’t ignore this factor, if you buy expensive Laptop, you might want to check this extended guarantee. If you do a lot of trips, you might need to buy Insurance of thieves and loss.

* Die pixel is the only thing I fear!

It is important you check your laptop for dead pixels. Pixel dies Will give you white spots (pixels) on your LCD display screen. Most cases you buy laptops directly from box, boot and find you have a dead pixel A pleasant experience. If you want to check your laptop Screen for dead pixels, just search for free ‘Dead Pixel Buddy’ software program and run it to check Your laptop for dead pixels.

* Use the internet for information or even purchases

I run a simple laptop guide on one of my sites and I also save laptop blog so I keep using the internet to gather information and compare prices. You have to shop and See consumer reports about various laptop makers and different laptop products. You also have to check Service records/reputation of the main brand name.

I examined all different laptops and found one It meets my requirements and prices. I bought it in real the world in a local computer shop especially because I want Check the graphics and laptop keyboard in the meat. However, I checked all the previous product details On the online site of this store – much easier than busy crowded shop.

* Ram

RAM is for what computer is the location of real estate. Ram or random access memory may be the most important Factors to consider when buying your laptop or any computer.

RAM will greatly determine the speed of your laptop or computer. How fast it will process your tasks and graphics. You have to make of course you have enough for your needs. You can now find many laptops Pre-reinforcement with 1 RAM performance and able to increase to 4 shows or more.

Compared to yesterday’s computer there was a lot of RAM. If you don’t like playing games, handling video/big editing files, that entire RAM is not needed but it will make your laptop run faster. Also, Remember if you like playing games, RAM videos will be important – You need the top graphics card (read expensive) and that will increase the cost of your laptop.

It might also be wise to buy a laptop with memory that can be increased – Since the new application, Multi -Jendela Browser, Streaming Video … From a very close future it can place high demand on your laptop Ram.

* Double core processor

CPU or computer processing unit is the heart of your laptop and in this case you have two hearts – Intel Centrino Duo is a front runner in this area now. However, AMD give intelligence in a few fierce competitions in the double core Battle with Athlon (TM) 64 x2 double core processor. One of someone will be a wise choice.

* Hardware

The number of laptop hard drive spaces or sizes continue to increase, laptop 100 shows now is common. If you don’t want a lot of storage, buy a smaller one the size of the hard drive will save your money.

Many laptop experts choose hard drive sata 5400 or 7200 rpm high.

* Weight or size

Maybe the main reason you consider buying a laptop is the size or weight – if not, you better save your money and buy a desktop computer instead. Laptop is Portable; you can carry it anywhere … slips under you Arms and carts to your next class or business meeting. It’s ideal to bring your information and work anywhere you want to go. This portability is the main sales feature from a laptop.

Obviously you have to choose the best size laptop needs. Laptops are divided into various categories, this Fast rundown:

Tablet PC (smallest) paper tablet size or notepad, less than 3 pound. Ultra portable (small) 13 “x> 11” more than 1.5 inches,
more than 7 pounds and higher Choose the size that matches your purpose and use.

Make a list

May prove to be useful to make a minimum list Requirements or features you want on the laptop you want:

• Intel duo
• 1 RAM performance
• Hard drive 100 gig
• 15 -inch screen
• 4 or 5 hours of battery life
• Burn/Write DVD …

* Kick tires

Like buying anything, is always a good idea to fully See your purchase. Taste a laptop keyboard, whether Typing feel comfortable? Try touchpad, is that responsive? Open your favorite program and check the processing speed your laptop. Bring DVDs and Taste the sound and graphics. Pay attention to the problem or irritation Maybe it appears, in my case it is a small right shift key but This is so small that I know I can get used to it and not Stop me from buying a laptop I want.

* Carefully your laptop

Use the internet to examine the laptop you want, know exactly
What components they have and know what software has been published before. Be careful with sales staff who will try to collect you additional Configure or install programs on your laptop today The program may have been loaded at the factory stage!

I settled in Toshiba Satellite P100-SD3: Having Intel Duo, 1 RAM Performance, 100 Hard Drive performance Display, compatible with new windows vista … it meets All my needs and I am quite happy with my new laptop. And I will write a complete review after I use it A few weeks … but that’s another article.

If you consider most simple points and check the factors Registered above then make your own laptop purchase will not only Not quite painful but maybe even proves a pleasant experience. Do a Small homework and you will easily find the perfect laptop for you.

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